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Tellington TTouch Training® was founded over 40 years ago by Linda Tellington-Jones, internationally renowned horsewoman, teacher and author. This therapeutic method has grown phenomenally since then and is now widely used all over the world by professionals and ordinary dog owners alike.

TTouch is underpinned by an ethos of kindness and respect towards both humans and animals and this is reflected in every aspect of the work. It is made up of many components which fit into 3 broad areas:
. body work
. ground work
. specific equipment (eg calming wraps, harnesses with 2 points of contact).

TTouch is a lovely peaceable method which requires us to quieten our own behaviours and focus on observing the dog and how s/he responds (eg to the environment, to contact etc), movement and so on. Once we remove our own agenda and begin to ‘listen’ to what the dog is showing us, we can then be more effective at helping the dog to overcome whatever is difficult for him/her. TTouch is not about forcing a dog to behave a certain way, but looking at how best we can help the dog to feel better as we tackle the issue at its foundation.

There is a recognised connection between physical posture and behaviour which is addressed in all of the work. As we see changes in posture by releasing tension patterns, we often start to see positive changes in behaviour.

TTouch offers a multitude of potential benefits for all dogs as it has such a profound effect on well-being. It also provides an enjoyable new way for people to engage with their dogs and the special bond between dog and guardian is deepened.

What benefits can TTouch bring?

Tellington TTouch can help dogs in multiple ways, and the few examples are:

  • Increased ability to calm, relax and recover
  • Enrichment of general well-being and happiness
  • Greater physical, mental and emotional balance
  • Pleasurable experience of human contact
  • Potential decrease in various unwanted behaviours eg noise  sensitivity

Tellington TTouch

  • Is for every dog, not just those with major issues
  • Enriches your dog’s life
  • helps you to discover great new things about your dog.
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  • What our customers say about us:

    Laura’s training offered a real insight to core TTouch techniques and how they can be used to help my nervous and noise sensitive dog in a compassionate, gentle and yet effective way.
    I learnt so much during the session and could immediately see the positive affects on my dog’s behaviour which was hugely encouraging. TTouch bodywork continues to help build my dog’s confidence and calm protocol on a daily basis, as well as being a godsend to help minimize my dog’s anxiety and fear in unexpected stressful situations.
    Laura is so kind and understanding and an absolute joy to work with, as my little dog would totally agree!! If you want to learn how to help your fearful dog then some time with Laura comes highly recommended – You will not regret it!

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