Every dog will enjoy and benefit from the Tellington TTouch approach used by Touch of Care for Dogs.


This is ‘Happy Hour’ for dogs!  Using Tellington TTouch techniques, I will bring your dog a pleasurable experience of relaxation and calmness.  All ages, shapes, sizes and personalities catered for as long as your dog has no aggression issues or bite history, and can be comfortable with me coming into their home.  What a treat for older dogs who enjoy a special appreciation for this peaceable and tranquil method!   This is also the case for dogs who are a little timid or nervous/highly strung.  See TTouch work its magic!  The session will be dog-centred and directed by your dog’s signals and responses, and therefore will be unique for your dog.  I will ask you for a few details and background information prior to the session.  Please contact me for more details.



The course will comprise of 4 separate hour long workshops, held on consecutive weeks at a village hall a few miles outside of Hereford.  You will learn some new and simple techniques which will be beneficial as well as enjoyable for your dog.  The style will be hands-on, very friendly, relaxed and informal.  I have deliberately chosen to teach in small groups and for short periods of time because in my experience, I have found it to be the best and easiest scenario for both dogs and humans, as well as the most fun for me.  There will be a maximum of 4 people per course and 1 dog per person.  If you have more than one dog at home, you are very welcome to bring a different dog to each workshop. You may attend without a dog if you prefer.  Dogs who come will need to be able to be comfortable in a room where there will be 3 other dogs, and have no aggression issues or bite history.
You will be provided with delicious refreshments at each workshop as well as notes to take home and a few goodies at the end of the course.
Come and make new friends while you learn.
Please get in touch to find out more.

What our customers say about us:

” Laura is so good with dogs; ours are very reactive but they instantly took to Laura.
She is currently working with one of ours, a little boy we rescued from a Romanian ‘kill shelter’. He is very nervous of new people.
He’s only at the start of his journey with Laura, but he already seems calmer and more settled.
We would highly recommend Laura”.

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