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A lifelong animal lover

I have lived in Herefordshire for several years. Two of my family members are beautiful crossbreed dogs whom I rescued at different times, each from a troubled background. They are both a delight and Tellington TTouch has equipped me to give them the help they need, ensuring that they have very happy lives. I have always loved animals and birds and care about welfare. I have a special affinity with dogs which was forged by growing up with dearly loved dogs in the family home.
My working background was as a trained nurse looking after patients in a cancer treatment centre and later on as a home carer for elderly people. It was during that time that I read an article about Tellington TTouch and decided to enrol on my first training clinic, to indulge my love of animals and also to give myself a fresh challenge in life.
I knew I had ‘come home’ on the very first day, when I met the most fantastic people who were on the same page about how animals should be handled ie with an attitude of kindness, gentleness and respect. At the same time, I learned practical skills which helped dogs to become transformed at times. I knew that working with dogs with a compassionate approach and which is also effective was the right path for me. And so my learning curve began.
My training took just over 3 years and I qualified as a TTouch practitioner in 2012. My instructors were my inspiration and continue to inspire and teach me today. I am so thankful to Robyn Hood (sister of Linda Tellington-Jones and co-founder of the work), Sarah Fisher (top ACE behaviourist in the UK) and Tina Constance. They are seriously skilled people!
My passion lies in helping dogs to feel happy, or as happy as they can be. I especially like to help anxious dogs to overcome their fears or a timid dog to grow in confidence. I aim to do this by using Tellington TTouch and other ideas for providing enrichment, which I have learned from my instructors.
I set up Touch of Care for Dogs a few years ago, having decided to spend the later stage of my life following this passion. My personal quest is to reach and work with as many ordinary dog owners (as I was) as I can to show them how to learn some easy Tellington TTouch techniques to help their dogs.

Keeping Updated

I have helped many people and dogs over the years and plan to carry on for life.  I am committed to updating my skills and knowledge by assisting on training courses for practitioners, plus taking further courses, attending lectures etc.  Give me a call to discuss your requirements.

Spreading the Message

How does it feel to be in your dog’s 4 paws? I am enthusiastic to show you the refreshing and unique approach of Tellington TTouch; how to look at your dog through new eyes: how to turn your thinking around to try to understand the world from your dog’s point of view; how to learn new ways to build your dog’s core skills, the building blocks for a happy life.

What our customers say about us:

Laura is a very approachable person and, right from the first meeting, it was evident that her love of dogs and their welfare comes from the heart. Laura has done several dog sittings for me and also introduced me to TTouch which is a worthwhile road to go down. She is very patient and calm when working with dogs and they seem to pick this up from her. I would not hesitate to recommend Laura.

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